I am so happy that so many people enjoyed the party - I sure did too! It all flowed very well for me - not much stress and lots of help. I loved the quarter calling that Nancy and others did. And what a nice supprise to hear Gene playing the piano. I looked up at the basement ceiling when so many people were dancing - and this house is build strong so it can take it! Thanks house. :-)

And thanks to Millie and Pam who came early to help clean up and design the cuddle area which I and others put to good use later in the evening.

And thanks to everyone who was empowered and did what needed doing without asking me. :-)

Yes I did hear and take in how much I have helped others at the party and gatherings - I felt warm inside hearing that. I will continue to be a shining light through my blog and email updates (which people also commented on). I love freedom to be ourselves, expression, sexy/kinky stuff and exploring our new consciousness in 2012