How to deal with hot button stuff - when I am centered (always good to ground and deep breath if triggered!) I read the email as the observer. It is like one of those martial arts where if someone punches at you you don't take it straight on - you side step at the last minute and use the opponent's energy to rush on by you. Do this mentally when attached and the punch doesn't land on you - it fly by you as you observe it going by.

Another method I just learned from Donna Eden book is called holding the "Oh My God" points. These are the bumps about an inch about each eyebrow. Hold them with your finger tips with thumbs on tempers for 30 seconds while you deep breath. These acupressure spots trigger more blood to flow to the forebrain (cerebellum) instead of the reptilian brain which is more reactive. This helps me see things from a higher perspective instead of reactivity and being stuck in old patterns.


And  I remind myself that my judgment is not me. And that usually it is something in me that is cause me to be triggered by someone else. How can I love that part of me that is like the triggering person in someway? Perhaps some Ho'oponopono - mediating on that disowned part of me with "I love you, thanks you, please forgive me, I am sorry" works for me.