This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn how to engage in deep, dogma-free spirituality with Dr. Anatole Ruslanov. Why do we crave DEPTH that seems inherently missing in modern culture? Join a much needed conversation where we shall touch upon the following questions:

  • What are the true goals of all spiritual practices?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • Who are you down deep the well of your soul?
  • Why would you be doing anything but jumping into this deep well now?
  • It is time to see what YOU can become!

Spirituality, or knowing the real you, is a birthright of all living beings -- because it is built in: we cannot be other than ourselves. Humanity, however, is incredibly good and efficient at being distracted away from happiness and satisfaction by culture, social mores, insecurity, etc. Thus, we humans need a way to our very own inner being, the source of all happiness and satisfaction.

You can find the way yourself. It is not that difficult in theory because it is not like you can run away from being you. In practice, following a system that is proven to work is a much better idea -- an efficient and effective way. It is similar to studying in college vs. by yourself -- you benefit by the system, by people more experienced than you, and your peers are there as well, to make the journey together a fun group affair. Doing it on your own is an admirable but more work in practice.

Dr. Anatole Ruslanov is the founder of Modern Seers, an international organization providing profound impetus towards culturally-neutral spiritual practices that are truly effective in culminating in an authentic, dogma-free spirituality. Dr. Anatole is currently a professor of computer science at SUNY Fredonia. He has recently returned from a 10-month tour of South Asia , including teaching a semester in Bhutan .

Dr. Anatole Ruslanov is a naturally gifted mystic and a life coach, mentor, healer, and teacher.

He was formally ordained in Varanasi, India as a tantric monastic after completing full monastic training. He is a Lineage Holder of Advaita Shaiva Tantra Yoga Tradition and an initiate of the ancient tantric Avadhuta Order. He has also had a substantial training in Zen and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions, Native American Toltec traditions, and Russian Orthodox Christian mystical spiritualities. Dr. Anatole has been practicing tantra yoga meditation for 36 years and teaching for 27 years.

Dr. Anatole founded Modern Seers Inc. (formerly Abhidhyan Yoga Institute) in 1991 and is the originator of Abhidhya'na Yoga (macromeditation), Abhidhya'na Insight Meditation, Abhidhya'na Yoga Philosophy, and Abhidhya'na Yoga Community.

Anatole has a baccalaureate degree in mathematics and a doctorate in computer science. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at State University of New York at Fredonia.

Dr. Anatole is passionate about going deeper and taking you deeper!

Dr. Anatole’s involvements and personal interests include:

  •     A no-nonsense approach to spirituality that embraces our complete humanity;
  •     Life and transformation coaching;
  •     Spirituality divested of religious dogma;
  •     Vajra meditation teaching and teacher training;
  •     Natural, organic food and living foods;
  •     Energy-efficient, ecologically-sound community living;
  •     Non-dual spirituality and spiritual practices;
  •     Practice of science and rigorous inquiry as a spiritual path.

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