Michael/Michelle here:
Summer solstice is nearly here, and many people will celebrate with 
different rituals. So now is the perfect time to learn about creating 
your rituals. I have found that a ritual together with sacred space can 
lead to deep inner transformation and give meaning and closure to 
otherwise upsetting events. Or help create greater meaning to happy ones!

I am currently in New Mexico for the Kundalini Yoga Summer Solstice 
festival (http://www.3ho.org/) with about 2000 other yogis. I spent the
day before the festival at Ojo Caliente hot springs - there is something 
about hot mineral springs, and water in general, that I find very 
relaxing. After an hour of soaking in the waters I found my mind 
emptying and my body relaxing (hmm could it be that a full mind tends to 
cause a tense body?). I have read that rebirthers use each of the four 
elements for rejuvenation and I can definitely say that water is good! 
(Air or breath is used a lot in yoga and works well too. Fire gazing is 
hypnotic and relaxing too. As for Earth, well being in the mountains of 
Peru was very connecting to spirit for me!). For me it is good to take 
time for myself and not overdo things like I used to. When I traveled on 
Monday I worked for 2 hours on email, had a relaxing lunch, followed by 
a massage and then took my time packing so I was not rushed driving to 
airport. At one point I reminded myself not to feel nervous and did some 
releasing on an old pattern I had of stressing out before travel.

I have seen a lot of changes in myself in last few weeks - I think with 
the 3 eclipses this month (6/1, 6/15, 7/1) plus the solstice there is a 
lot of energy for change in the air. I also experienced some back ache 
which I have done lots of healing on. For me it was nt just an immediate 
physical issue but an opportunity for me to learn better how to connect 
to the Earth and strength my lower chakras. And to notice a lot of 
tension that I had been holding in my legs and hips which were pulling 
on my back muscles. Tension that I had had for years! Thank you spirit 
for bringing me the back pain so I could work on these issues and 
transform them :-)