This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn how to help make complex decisions Tarot with Diane Rukmini Bongiorni
Tarot cards have been used by mystics and occultists in efforts at divination or as a map of mental and spiritual pathways, perhaps from
ancient Egypt or the Kabbalah. Dr Carl Jung said that ‘the cards are descendants from the archetypes of transformation’. Come learn the meanings and how to use Tarot cards for decision-making. 

A tarot card reading will give you the general outcome of the ways matters are progressing, IF you don’t make any changes to the way you are thinking, feeling or acting – and the cards assume you don’t make any changes. There is very little in life that could be classed as “fixed.” We all have free will in our choices, decisions and actions. Sometimes things may hit you unexpectedly, however you can always decide how you react to those.

If the outcome is looking rather challenging, you have the opportunity to make changes, so that you can steer your life in a more positive direction. See some light at the end of the tunnel, when all looks dark, bleak and hopeless around you. It can bring some hope, optimism and encouragement to your life. Often that will be enough to open up your own inner resources such as creativity, problem solving, intuition and the ability to notice a different way forward.

You can consider an “alternate future” to the one which is currently unfolding and make better, more informed choices for yourself. You can explore various options to create the future you desire, and look at ways of enabling you to get to where you really want to go. You can then make the most informed choices and decisions, as the cards can make you aware of potential positives and challenges in each path. Tarot cards cannot make any decisions for you.  (From

Rukmini has been reading tarot for over 35 years.  She has been blessed with the gift to receive deep guidance and information in very complex situations.
She is also a Feng Shui consultant, energy healer, and tarot reader.
You can reach her at 202-744-3698 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            202-744-3698      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or rukminidmaria at