Consciousness and Cash Flow
Joel Hamaker

Attend this presentation and discover ways to clear your subconscious blocks to about money limitations, use your conscious mind to understand and manage financial resources successfully, and access more abilities of your superconscious mind.


The presentation goes way beyond affirmations and positive thinking.  Some of the things you will learn:
*Discover your unconscious attitudes towards money and greater wealth.

*Use more conscious mind strategies to manage money better,

*How to tap your superconscious mind capabilities to attract opportunities much easier and create a more abundant mindset.     It is your 'birthright'.
You will leave with a number of tools, processes, handouts, and resources to help you begin living a more comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.  Bring a note pad if you wish.
Presented by Joel Hamaker, PhD, is a psychologist and teacher of consciousness matters.  He "walks his talk" in financial matters.301-814-9470; JoelSpeaks2u@gmail com