Morphic FieldAfter the Mark Dunn workshop in April I did some playing with disconnecting myself from the morphic field of the USA. Felt the pattern and how my pattern was connected, then asked them to separate out. I felt them shift after a little while. I felt good about it and didn't seem so attached to news about USA. Nothing much else seemed to have changed until I returned from my Peru trip to USA. Then




•US immigration quizzed me aggressively for about 20 minutes before letting me in (I am US citizen) 


•US custom sent me through red channel for bag search


•United airlines lost my bags


•I worried that I might miss my connecting flight


Anyway throughout the process I just kept going low, worked on the pattern in front of me and was friendly and helply to the officials. It all worked out fine. (My bags were delivered a few days later). And then in line for TSA security I worked the pattern for somehow making my connecting flight even though I was about 15 minutes after takeoff time and feeling anxious. Well the flight was delayed for 45 minutes and I caught easily!


Morphic Field..After this experience in 3D I decided to do some smoothing out of my field and USA field and last time I entered the country it went as smoothly as for the other US citizens in line (still got 5 minutes of immigration quiz but at least everyone did too - and that is a topic for another day)




I am wondering if anyone else has had experience with disconnecting from a large morphic field and what happened for you?