This Wednesday gathering we learn about the latest research on emotion and psychological trauma and how to heal from it with Deborah Hughes MA.


Trauma healing

In his poem on Healing, D. H. Lawrence writes:  "I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections.  And it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly, that I am ill.  I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self....." 




Each and every day we are confronted with images and stories of overwhelming emotional, physical and psychological experience.  And many of us have had encounters with that which disrupts or overwhelms our capacity to right ourselves, to resume normal living, to form new connections.


What can we do to meet these experiences, contain their impact and transform that which otherwise might leave us lost, wandering, or diverted into meaningless activity, acting out or addiction?  Our responses to trauma are not indicators of a broken mechanism but of one adapting to survive.   How do we--individually and in community--begin to reclaim agency, direction, and meaning after catastrophic encounters with what is far beyond our immediate capacity to metabolize?


Please join us for an introductory exploration of the juncture formed by weaving together some of the earliest and the most recent developments in the study of neuroscience, traumatic injury, and attachment. And then a discussion of how they are being re informed by understandings--ancient and new--of the power of relationship, of certain alternative healing modalities, of yoga, of meditation and of the stories we tell ourselves about our experience.


Deborah S. Hughes is a Librarian and Information Specialist, a storyteller, a yoga teacher with certifications that include Yoga Nidra/iRest and Trauma Sensitive Yoga, a long time student of Jungian and Archetypal psychology and a Site Coordinator for the Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate Program of the Trauma Center at JRI (the Justice Resource Institute).  And she is most deeply committed to synthesizing the work of those teachers whose lives and work keep saving her body, soul, and imagination.


You can contact her at deborahshayne(at)