Having just sorted though my closets and given away or sold about 24 large bags of clothes that I wasn't wearing or didn't love (or didn't fit) I realized that like many people I buy clothes that I don't wear. Here are some questions from Carol Tuttle article (video below) to ask yourself in the dressing room when you are deciding whether to buy that item.



  • why am I buying this item? Poor reasons include:
    • Am I settling? /tired of shopping and this is good enough
    • want to please the sales person who helped me
    • price a good deal even though I don't really love it
  • how much do I love it? (1-10)
    • greater than cut off number - say at least 7/10
    • check in with my heart on the decision, not my head
  • Functional
    • easy to wear
    • easy to clean
    • fits me well
    • well made
    • Works with other clothes I already have
    • there are many occasions I can wear it
  • Do I already have the same kind of piece at home already?
    • If so enjoy the piece I already have and don't buy another
  • Does it match my Dress my Truth type and coloring?


Here is to a closet where everything I have I love and can wear. And it is easy to put an outfit that I feel wonderful wearing together!