I recently have been studying how to use LinkedIn better and have been improving my profile. If anyone has any suggestions or feedback on it let me know. You can find me at
And if it makes sense to you, you are welcome to link to me too!

Things I have been using LinkedIn for in the past few weeks

  • finding subcontractors
  • researching a business expansion in Singapore - finding connections with experience of the business culture there
  • re-connecting with old college friends
  • making new folks aware of me and my businesses by posting useful questions and comments on groups related to my niche (large associations)
  • connecting to people who know a lot of C level people in my niche - I have connected to several book authors rated number one in Amazon for a certain niche
    • Many authors will accept a message out of the blue if you are respectful, say why you like their book and offer to connect if it makes sense.
    • I plan to interview the authors and other players in the field (using Skype), get the recording transcribed using Quicktate and publish the interview back on my TeraTech blog and link from my LinkedIn profile
  • I am planning to use LinkedIn to promote some tele-class events too using the event feature and relevant groups
  • I may start my own group if there is a gap in the groups around a niche I am interested in
  • I upgraded to the paid business LinkedIn account so that I could message anyone on LinkedIn using inMail, save interesting people I find in the profile manager, see who has looked at my profile and get better searching capabilities. I also decided to turn on free messaging to my account from any one on LinkedIn to make it easier for folks who find me by search to connect.