1. Ready

2. Fire

3. Aim

Let your ideas explode into inspired action in the world, infographic from Dustin Lee on Paid to Exist blog which is about being paid doing thing you love.

I recently did this with my idea for a website to find Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations that solve a particular problem from among the 1000s that are available. I wanted a reverse index so that if I am looking for a meditation to help with being focused on work or coming up with new ideas I could find it. I created a wiki using the free Mediawiki http://www.kundaliniyogapedia.org/ and am in process of seeding it with all the kriyas I know. But the action thing is I emailed yoga friends and businesses I know before it is ready for generate public for ideas and feedback. And I delegated entering the seed data to one of VAs before I have totally figured out how the site will work. I found I got more energy from doing this compared to all the months I had spent thinking about the idea with no action!


PS I am also a fan of Marie Forleo who is mentioned in the graphic . She is super passionate business coach who will often sign or dance in her video blog entries just for the fun of it!

Ideas as grenades