I used EFT six years ago to stop the cravings when I gave up drinking alcohol. Would use it every time a "habit cue situation" came up eg

  • It is Friday and end of work week and I deserve a drink
  • I am tired and a bit sad and I want a drink
  • I am at a party and feel anxious and want a drink
  • I am on vacation in Mexico and see others drinking at lunch and I want a drink
  • I am in a pub with friends and want a drink too

Each time I would tap on the feeling and self judgments and get through the situation fine. Sometimes I would do full tapping other times just finger tapping to be more discrete in public. I recall there being about 20 different cues that I tapped through, and the cues became less and less frequent over 6 months. Now I have no craving for alcohol. And I find it even easier to let my hair down at a party or with friends than I did when I drank.