Here are some natural cures that have worked for me to cure back ache

  • gentle swimming - the water supports the back and you can move gently in many different directions to release tension
  • long walks have helped me in the past
  • relaxation yoga (where you lie on piles of blanklets for 5-10 minutes in one pose and breath deeply). I know Thrive yoga in Rockville used to have a class Friday evening of this format. Might be called candle light yoga or some other name
  • a massage or shiatsu can help
  • acupuncture
  • going into a trance or shamanic state and then moving to a crystal house and inviting your back pain to come into the house with you. Then telling it that you love it, thank it for coming and asking if it has any messages for you. Often once the message has been heard the pain goes away.
  • related to this is Sedona method where you connect with the pain and allow it to be and allow any judgments or resistance you have just to be. Seeing if you can dive into the pain or double how intense it is ironically can often allow it to dissolve
  • If you are into totums you might ask for a power animal to help with the issue and give you information on it.
  • EFT is good with releasing pain
  • On a spiritual level lower back issue are to do with feeling lack of support, especially around money. The text below is from Louise Hay
    • Back: Represents the support of life. I know that Life always supports me.
    • Back Problems: — Lower: Fear of money. Lack of financial support. I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.
      Hay, Louise (1984-01-01). You Can Heal Your Life (p. 207). Hay House. Kindle Edition.
  • Which ever the ideas you use drinking lots of water can help during any energy healing to remove toxins from the body