If the global economy is not heading for a recession, then why is global shipping slowing down so dramatically?  The Baltic Dry Index of shipping volume went down before 2008 crisis and is down again now. Prices to bulk ship cargo have dropped to zero or in some cases below (one shipping company is paying clients to ship with them just to keep the engines turning because after 3 months of inactivity large ships start to fall apart).


I would recommend do some preparation now for a possible deep and long Great Depression to compare to the one in 1929 - 1939. Some suggestions:

  • take money out of stocks and bonds
  • take money out of large banks such of Bank of America and put in credit union
  • put some money in physical gold that you keep hold of
  • stock up on storagable food
  • have a way to purify water for several days
  • Get a second passport
  • Improve your skills set
  • Improve your social network and community
  • Have a way to grow some food if needed
  • Consider getting a handgun and dog