Interesting article below on how some wicked folks edits a few wikipedia articles for profit or to promote a certain agenda.  I agree taking all information sources (wikipedia, blogs, company websites, government websites, newspapers, books) with some thought of who wrote this and what did they want to gain from spreading the information is wise.

In my experience most of the articles on Wikipedia are good and when wacky edits are put in they are quickly fixed. There is usually an interesting discussion in the Talk page for the article too if you want to read about controversial "facts". In addition you can see the entire edit history of every article to see who contributed what and when. Try doing that with a newspaper or print book!

In my career on both sides of the media fence - doing press releases and articles for my company, talking with other editors and writers and running events that had advertizers and content contributers I will tell you that approximately 90% of news in quality newspapers is placed public relations. Someone had an angle or spin on the story and wanted it published. And the editor had an insatiable demand for good content and when a PR agency, company, government official, celebrity, scientist or author gives them a well written article (aka press release) they will use it. Editors work under deadlines every week and have pages of content to fill. Sure if the paper has the budget and a conscience they will do fact checking. But the spin remains baked into the article.

When I have read though a newspaper such as the New York Times or UK Independent and ask myself "Who is benefiting from having this particular article published?" the spin and press release behind it often becomes clear. Try it next time you read a newspaper. You may be surprised.

I always take Wiki with a grain of salt knowing that the editing is open to the public, people can put any rubbish up even if subject to scrutiny. However it's still useful as an initial reference if you have absolutely no knowledge of a subject or a word