This is a healing community called Healing House that I work with about 2 blocks from where I am living in Cusco Peru. I have taught yoga, meditation and other workshops there. It is a great place. It is actually not so far from NFNC or Sandbox I think

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Healing House is a non-profit creative center based in Cusco, Peru—gateway to Machu Picchu and capital city of the Incas. We are a group made up of people from all over the world, who come together to learn, grow and create. To heal means to make whole. At Healing House, we help people realize their wholeness through creativity. To us, creative healing means yoga, Reiki, and meditation; it means art, movement, music and writing; it means gardening and cooking. It means inspiring people to embrace their talents and realize their potential.

Our mission is to inspire and support the creative aspirations and overall wellbeing of the people who work, study and play with us—travelers and locals alike. We encourage people to develop their gifts, and help them offer those gifts to the world. Through this, they learn to create fulfilling lives for themselves. The local Peruvian people we serve don't normally have access to the creative healing services we offer. By offering free classes, therapies and workshop space, we aim to encourage and empower local people to make positive and innovative changes for themselves, their families and their communities.


We founded the house in March 2010, and since then we have restored our space, put in a flourishing herb and vegetable garden, and implemented some amazing community service programs. We host weekly art and music workshops for local children, we help local women sell their handmade artisanal goods, and we offer free yoga, meditation and treatments to local people in need. (For more details about our programs, please see "Healing House Programs.")

WE NEED YOUR HELP: With all of the work we have been doing to help other people manifest their dreams, we now need your help. Our beautiful space in Cusco is up for sale, and the landlord needs to sell quickly. If we aren't able to buy this inspiring space, we have to move out.


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