Just this morning, I got an email from C4L (Libertarian's Campaign For Liberty), where ex-Sen. Frank Dodd (D-CT) effectively says that freedom is "dangerous".

C4L... [Dodd: " "You can't just have a legal, free environment where there aren't any restrictions (on the Internet)."

... As 'The Hill' reported, the Obama Administration is busy circulating a five-page draft of an Executive Order, giving the President control over virtually all private communication systems in America under the guise of "national security."  Under the guise of improving broadband service, the FCC is launching an unprecedented assault on the American people, collecting all types of personal information from law-abiding citizens without their knowledge. Under this scheme, government bureaucrats will be able to gain access to our personal information - including your website history, your tweets, Facebook posts, and even the physical home address associated with your IP address.

Just imagine government bureaucrats armed with whatever they want to know about you right at their fingertips. What you read. What you watch. What you buy. What you say. Who you talk to.]] End of C4L text.

"Perpetual war for perpetual peace" from George Orwell's book "1984" comes to mind. So.... still think you live in The Land of The Free?