Local police and the national Dept of Homeland Security are using drones in 5 ways to spy on citizens acording to Wired article

  • Border patrol (Preditor)
  • 50-pound police helicopter drones (ShadowHawk)
  • tuna-shaped robot for ports and ships (BIOSwimmer)
  • Tunnel bot - waterproof, has a 500-foot tether cable and can travel at a rate of 30 feet per minute. A high-resolution camera can rotate in all directions, and the robot itself can squeeze through an opening as small as six inches in diameter. (Versatrax)
  • Police mini-helicopter four and a half pounds, speed 30 miles per hour (Draganflyer X6)


from http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/02/dhs-drones/