The key on 20,000 foot view for Getting Things Done for me is that I have some way to remind myself to look at my business and personal projects regularly. I do put project master pages in Evernote and I also find some non-computer methods help too. However I often create a mindmap for projects (can be hand drawn) helps organize my ideas. Also at the 50,000 foot level I find that a vision board with pictures I have cut out of magazines that represent my high level goals and dreams is good. I put it where I will see it every day as a reminder of where I want to go!

If you are more auditory rather than visual person then a weekly check in with a goal buddy to talk about the progress on each of your big goals can be an effective way to keep focused at the 20,000 foot level. If you are kinesthetic then a regular activity where you express emotions and movement  related to your goal is helpful. I have got inspiration and motivation from free form dance about a goal, even going for a regular goal walk where you think about your goals can do the trick.

How do you stay focused on your big goals?