I recently had intuition to experience Ayawaska as a way to increase my connection with spirit and psychic abilities.


It was amazing healing and visionary experience. The first night I saw a brain with tentacles and I checked in with my intuition that parts of it were not good for me and was sending it to the light when I realized that it was the control manipulation part of me! I still sent it to the light. We went to bed at 9:30pm and my mine was racing with new healing methods and other many creative inspirations which I wrote down. I went to sleep at 5am and woke up at 7am but felt good. 


The second night I saw visions of an alien intelligence that kept showing me this alien writing again and again all over my body. I figured out that it meant love and acceptance and gratitude which was both a message for my body and my life. Very moving. I also had a vision of abundance as this octopus like creator that was growing and growing and even though these sharks of negativity tried to eat it they could not because it was growing too fast! All I had to do was put buckets under the stream of abundance to receive. :-)


The second night I worked on assimilating the energy when ever I felt my intestines pulse and didn't need to have diarrhea like the first night. I did vomit a bunch though, which when all you can see is visions is tricky to get into the bucket :-) 
In the mornings the shaman talked with each of the participants one on one to answer questions. There were only 3 of us, so intimate group. It was in a beautiful house in Calca with amazing views of the mountains here.