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Laughter and the Meaning of Life 3/16/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we we will watch the hilarious comedy “I Heart Huckabees”. It is one of the most philosophical movies ever made, with an amazing cast including Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin,: Jason Schwartzman, Jude Law and Naomi Watts.


It is about the story of a man who is determined to solve the coincidence of seeing the same conspicuous stranger three times in a day. He hires a pair of existentialist detectives, who insist on spying on his everyday life while sharing their views on life and the nature of the universe. More info and view trailer at


After the movie Randy will lead a discussion on the meaning of life and the universe we live in

Randy Goldberg trained in Deep Memory Process with Jungian expert and author Rodger Woolger. Randy is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, a world famous astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups.
randy (at) randygoldberg.org or 202-380-6850 www.randygoldberg.org

The movie and workshop begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Is your inner voice wrong?

Interesting article by healer Joan Newcomb about how to tell which is your true inner voice and which is just echos of other people or your ego. And I have to agree about meditation or walks in nature helping me get in touch with my true inner voice.


Your Inner Voice is WRONG!
©2011 Joan M. Newcomb

Sometimes your Inner Voice is wrong.  I'll give a couple of personal examples - when my son flew from Seattle to Mexico at New Years, we were told at the airport that, in San Francisco, one of his two checked bags would most likely be held back to a later flight.  Going to Mexico, that usually means you can kiss that luggage goodbye.

I spent the next 48 hours convinced that was what happened and being quite emotionally overwhelmed by the thought of what he'd lost.  When my son finally responded to my emails, Facebook messages and texts, all was well and he was enjoying the sunshine.

Last week I was given some misinformation about a family event by my 84 year old mother.  Her memory isn't good so she makes notes when she talks on the phone.  When I called her, she read something off her notes that sent me into a spiral for the entire week.  It turned out to be completely false.

What went wrong with my 'spidey senses'?  I'm a professional psychic, I should Know these things!

My first clue, with both of them, was overwhelming emotion.  One's true Inner Voice is softspoken and rational.  Listening to it is calming.  The information comes across and it's 'but of course' - you can feel the inner truth of it.

The second clue is the story.  If the voice you are listening to is telling you dramatic details, it's probably not true.  Your Inner Voice is not a soap opera screenwriter.  The world isn't coming to an end, there is no conspiracy theory, and other people really don't think of you that way (they're more concerned with how others think of *them*).

Your Inner Voice is your Inner Wisdom, not your inner gossip columnist.

The thing is, your Inner Voice and that other voice both sound like you.  It's just that one sounds like you when you're crazy.

Which one do you want to listen to?

One leads you in the direction of serenity, the other towards insanity.  It's really not that hard a decision.

However, you need discernment.  You need to start being more conscious of the narration inside your head.  You need to slow down and notice what you're listening to, which part is running your life.

Just because one is loud, doesn't mean it's more powerful.  It only gains energy if you listen to it.  It also gains energy if you argue with it.  Grab yourself by your ears and redirect your focus.

Notice what stimulates the loud voice and stop feeding it.  Perhaps you need to stop listening to the news.  Or start listening to the news on a foreign channel.  You may find the British and Asian news reports are far less agitating.  Perhaps you need to limit contact with certain friends or relatives, so you don't keep replaying conversations with them in your head.

Often the loud voice is most active in the wee hours of the night.  Take charge of that time and practice meditation, or affirmations, or decide what you'll do when you win the lottery.

Do things that stimulate your real Inner Voice.  Walks in nature, inspirational books, mellow music, whatever supports your soul.

The more you pay attention to your *real* Inner Voice, the stronger your connection with it becomes. Your life reflects your inner talk, and listening to your real Inner Voice brings you real inner peace. You may still be looking for work, or your soul mate, but you remain centered. 

This week, notice which voice you're paying attention to inside your head.  If your life is hectic and your thoughts are running in circles, that's your fake voice.  Make choices to listen and respond to your *real* Inner Voice this week, and notice what happens!

For more articles like this, go to my blog

The mind dramatically affects drug effectiveness

This study shows the mind and patient beliefs dramatically affect drug effects both able to increase the effect and descrease it - not just on a pain scale but in actual physically measurable functioning. Makes you wonder if everyday thoughts are just as important to control... :-)



The Oxford University team, along with colleagues from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany, Cambridge University, and the Technische Universität München, set out to investigate these effects among 22 healthy adult volunteers by giving them an opioid drug and manipulating their expectations of the pain relief they might receive at different points.

The volunteers were placed in an MRI scanner and heat applied to the leg at a level where it begins to hurt -- set so that each individual rated the pain at 70 on a scale of 1 to 100. An intravenous line for administration of a potent opioid drug for pain relief was also introduced.

After an initial control run, unknown to the participants, the team started giving the drug to see what effects there would be in the absence of any knowledge or expectation of treatment. The average initial pain rating of 66 went down to 55.

The volunteers were then told that the drug would start being administered, although no change was actually made and they continued receiving the opioid at the same dose. The average pain ratings dropped further to 39.

Finally, the volunteers were led to believe the drug had been stopped and cautioned that there may be a possible increase in pain. Again, the drug was still being administered in the same way with no change. Their pain intensity increased to 64. That is, the pain was as great as in the absence of any pain relief at the beginning of the experiment.

The researchers used brain imaging to confirm the participants' reports of pain relief. MRI scans showed that the brain's pain networks responded to different extents according to the volunteers' expectations at each stage, and matching their reports of pain.

This showed the volunteers really did experience different levels of pain when their expectations were changed, although the administration of pain relief remained constant.

Professor Tracey notes that these results have been seen in a small, healthy group of volunteers, and that these are short-term, not sustained, manipulations of the participants' beliefs about the treatment.

But she says it's important not to underestimate the strength of the effect of such expectations on any treatment, and that clinicians need to know how to manage that.

Professor Tracey says there may also be lessons for the design of clinical trials. These are often carried out comparing a candidate drug against a dummy pill to see if there is any effect of a drug above and beyond that of the placebo.'We should control for the effect of people's expectations on the results of any clinical trial. At the very least we should make sure we minimize any negative expectations to make sure we're not masking true efficacy in a trial drug.'

Physics, Enrgy and lifting depression

I have always been interested in physics - the math behind why we are here and how the cosmos works - black holes, quantum particles and more. I took a math degree at university and got to study some quantum mechanics then - I remember being very confused about the whole thing, while fascinated at the same time! In the last ten years I have also become interested in spiritual work and our connection to the divine and finding the god within each of us. I am very interested in how some modern science connects the two... so the movie this tie at Sandbox "Crossing The Event Horizon" is intriguing.  Note this gathering was scheduled originally in January but then we had that big snow storm so we are repeating this week, as last time only two folks made it though the snow and even they had to sleep over due to the snow depth!

Here is Bolivia I am going to a Kabbalah workshop on Friday on the Ana B'Koah meditation - it is at a local spiritual center called Kryon House that I found though my friend Jamila. I did some exploring of La Paz last week and found a British bar called Oliver's Travels in the middle of an old part of town. While I was assumed to see British beer and food the main interests were the large book exchange and a chat with a Liverpublian who has lived in Australia and South America since 1981 when he got fed up with Margret Thatcher. He earns enough in a year working in Australia as a miner to travel for two years elsewhere. Books are one of he few things that are relatively expensive here - Bs 80 - 150 each (USD $11 -20) for a used English book. Or 50% off if you in another title. Spanish books are not much cheaper, having been imported from Europe in many cases. I bought a copy of Lewis Caarrolls "Alicia en el pais de la maravillas" (Alice in Wonderland) which I am very slowly reading - having to look up 10-20% of the words in a dictionary.

I was tired and depressed last week - I am not sure if is lack of a vitamin I take for happiness (5HTP), change from living with large family to quiet space here, earth vibration changes and detox or getting used to the high energy of a city after living in the countryside. Or a combination of all he above. But I have been using some clearing methods from Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine every day and today I cleared a large morphic field of society cold depression from around my head using Mark Dunn healing method and felt much happier afterwards. :-) I am going to have some 5HTP shipped to me here because i have tried about 6 pharmacies here and they don't carry it.

Abundance and Love from the inside out

In the last 5 weeks I have experiences many energy clearings and downloads like the ones in the Matrix seminars. Physically I sometimes feel low energy or have stomach problems/diarrhea. Or stuck energy around my head shoulders like many of us did last summer. Is anyone else experiencing clearings at this time? I think is is part of our accention process

Also I did a big energy clearing around money last Thursday (my birthday) with a Matrix Energetics person from New Jersey Elyse Hope Killoran - cleared a lot of toxic emotions around money such as fear, grief, procrastination. I am now working on staying in the pink/red/peach energy/light of abundance, joy and freedom every day. And noticing when a morphic field (either mine or larger) is cutting into my energy field then removing it with love and Matrix and Mark Dunn method.

Prosperity comes from within - it is my job to clear my energy and staying in that space of abundance/love and take inspired actions from that space. (As opposed to manipulating the outside world in order to feel better). Very interesting! And with the possible coming financial crisis in US it is helpful that us many of us are able to take a stand for love, abundance, health and peace while the outside indicators show something else. This will help others to shift into a space of love or transition from this plane in peace.

Is anyone else in the group working on clearing to a space of love within? and what are your experiences?

I think the same method applies to health, relationships, peace etc. This is related to the work of Abrams-Hicks and the new book Love for No Reason by Marci Shimhoff. (Both recommended reading)

Happy Imbolc! Happy Lammas!

Happy Imbolc to everyone Feb 2nd - Imbolc is exactly halfway between Winter solstice and the spring equinox. And although it may not look light spring is coming with snow and ice on the ground the days are getting longer and now is a good time to make plans for your year. Imbolc is offer celebrated with candles so think of lighting a special cancle, cure up in a comfortable chair and write out or draw your plans.

For me in the Southern hemisphere today is Lammas - the early harvest of summer and a time to celebrate the bounty of the earth, especially corn and making corn dollies. Lammas is exactly halfway between Summer solstice and the fall equinox and the days here are starting to get shorter.

Crossing The Event Horizon 3/2/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn about Nassim Haramein's life-long exploration into the geometry of space time and a coherent understanding of the fundamental structure and model of our Universe and our existence in it. This ground breaking work launches us into the
New Energy Movement. (This gathering was originally scheduled for 1/26 when we had the big snow storm)

You are invited to an introduction of one of the most profound scientific theories of our time. Haramein's scientific discovery ( a published peer reviewed unified field theory) may well be the physics of creation, the scientific explanation of spirituality that supports the basis of most religions of a conscious energy field underlying all of physical reality.The theory also explains some of the strange observations of solar flares by the Japanese space telescope (see video below)


We will view footage from the DVD "Crossing The Event Horizon" which can be ordered from Nassim's website www.theresonanceproject.org. The following text is from this site:

We are living at a critical time in history. The work done in our interdisciplinary research park may be crucial to our capacity to overcome the ecological and technological difficulties our world faces today.

A New Spin on Einstein’s Field Equations

Director of Research Nassim Haramein and scientists at the Resonance Project Foundation have found a new solution to Einstein’s field equations which incorporates torque and Coriolis effects. Furthermore, calculations were rendered to describe the collective and coherent behavior of the plasma dynamics of ergospheres orbiting the event horizons of black holes demanding a highly structured polarized vacuum, resulting in an alternative view of black holes where the exterior white hole portion surrounds the interior black hole singularity.

From these calculations, a new paper has recently been released entitled Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter, which describes our universe as embedded white hole / black hole or white / black “whole” structures from universal size to atomic and subatomic scales.

Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. This research has far reaching implications in a variety of fields including theoretical and applied physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, archaeology, anthropology, etc. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times.


Following the movie Sandra Soloman will lead a discussion about the science and spirit and how we can be in contact with our power, divinity and responsiblity now.


Sandra Solomon, Teacher, Channel/Conduit of Energetic Healing & Transformational Consultant. She is  a gifted and accomplished healer who works on both an individual, group and planetary level.  Her practice utilizes a wide range of energy modalities including, Quantum Healing which includes Reconnective   Healing and Matrix Energetics. She attunes Reiki Masters to six levels beyond Master Level through the Lightarian Institute™. Sandra is also trained in Shamballa Healing.

Sandra offers Transformational Consulting using a variety of techniques, including: the Work of Byron Katie, Psych-K  which is Psychological Kinesiology,  EFT-    Emotional Freedom Technique and The Sedona Method. These techniques assist in whole brain synchronization.  Her Transformational Consulting helps you to fine-tune your life into a more peaceful and balanced journey. She employs transformational techniques to assist you in attaining your goals.

Sandra’s explorations include quantum physics, sacred geometry, the Mayan Calendar, Kabbalah, the Sacred Alphabet, Universal Laws, the nature of reality and consciousness. She empowers people to discover their own self-authority.  You can reach Sandra at mayanone (at) juno (dot) com or 434-825-5564


The movie and discussion begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Past Life Regression 2/23/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we experience a group past life regression led by Randy Goldberg.

Within each of us appears to reside the events of past lives. A migraine, chronic lower back pain or knee problem may be telling a story from an old accident or wound. A chronic sore throat may derive from strangling, hanging or choking. As the soul returns to life over and over these traumatic memories are re-created in our current life, often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful lives. They are brought to our conscious awareness by anxiety, panic attacks, anger, depression, phobias, obsessions, nightmares and unexplainable physical pain. Past life regression allows us to see beyond the confusion and illusions of this life and brings about a healing of the past life that resonates into our present life. Through Past life Regression therapy, we awaken from the constrictions of our past conditioning to release blocks stopping us now..

More info at http://www.deepmemoryprocess.com/page17.html

Randy Goldberg trained in Deep Memory Process with Jungian expert and author Rodger Woolger. Randy is a former Yoga monk, a Craniosacral therapist, a world famous astrologer interviewed by the Washington Post and by CNN. He facilitates Family Constellation therapy for individuals and groups.
randy (at) randygoldberg.org or 202-380-6850 www.randygoldberg.org

The workshop begins after dinner at 8pm. I invite you to join us, though as always what ever choice you make you will be honored in.

Feeling the Energy

I have been interested in Feng Shui for years and reorganized and repainted my home a few years ago based on Feng Shui. It certainly helped improve the energy feeling of my place. My host in Bolivia, Jamila, also has an interest in Feng Shui and other spiritual matters. This week we went to a guided meditation (in Spanish) at the Kryon Center. While I only understood about 50% of the words I still got the energy behind the meditation and felt wonderful afterwards.


Reminds me of when I first took yoga classes in Netherlands 20 years ago and had to watch the other student's poses to know fully what to do -- and then in the guided deep relaxation I just followed the gist of what the instructor said and went with the tone of her voice. Goes to show that most of the content of what we say is in the tone and body language and not the words! I would also these days add that the intent behind the words matters too - which is something I hope you can feel in this blog post. :-)

Movie: A Fierce Light and Spiritual Activism

I both enjoyed and was inspired by the documentary Fierce Light which is about Spiritual Activism - inspired action to make a better world. From the sit-in at the South Central Farm in Los Angeles, to the blessing of graves of Vietnamese and American dead by Buddhist monks, to Dharma Punx meditation group, to tree sitting for two years to save a giant redwood, to the killing of film maker and activist Brad Will as he documented a demonstration in Oaxacan Mexico

From the Fierce Light website:

Spiritual Activism is the coming together of spirituality, and activism. It is not about any form of dogma, it is simply activism that comes from the heart, not just the head, activism that is compassionate, positive, kind, fierce and transformative. It focuses as much on what we are for, as on what we are against. It is rooted in an understanding of interdependence, and works to end of the suffering of all beings, even our opponents. Nothing could be more inspiring and more rewarding than being the change we want to see in the world, within and without.

Fueled by the belief that "another world is possible," Fierce Light is a compelling, global journey into the world of spirit in action, an exploration of what Martin Luther King called "Love in Action," and Gandhi called "Soul Force"; what Ripper is calling "Fierce Light."

Acclaimed filmmaker Velcrow Ripper takes an insightful look at change motivated by love, featuring interviews with spiritual activists Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu,Daryl Hannah, Julia Butterfly Hill, and more.

This film really speaks to people and is a powerful testimonial to our ability to "be the change" we are looking for.


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