Manifest tips and dealing with blocks from the super energetic Marie TV with guest Gabby.


1. Get Clarity on what you want/goal. Allow room for "that and even better...". Language in choice ("I chose..." rather than "I have to ..."

2. Feel the energy of what being and having that result is like. "I am ..." not "I want ...". Take time each day to focus in this energy.

3. Be brave to see and address any blocks to feeling that way. Notice Old beliefs and patterns about your goal. Have a regular practice to clear them.

4. Notice any guidance and synchronisties about your goal. Take inspired action steps towards your goal.

5. That includes ignoring any external evidence that appears to contradict your want

6. Know that god/your higher self has your back and that you will manifest this goal for sure! Be patient, not anxious.

7. Feel gratitude for the results you get. Gratitude is one of the most powerful vibrations for manifesting. Guilt and shame are some of the worst. Stay in a high vibration throughout your day in order to manifest more.