I haven't watched TV news or listened to radio news for about 3 years
now. I do sometime read headlines in the Washington Post when I am
grocery shopping. But my main news source is what friends and coworkers
are talking about. If it is big news then I hear about it. (I used to
spend an hour a day reading the Post cover to cover plus CNN, PBS news.
I guess I was a news junkie!)

So I found this article by Joe Vitale about new and a new positive only news website
Joe Vitale wrote:
> As you probably know, I'm not a
> fan of mainstream news.
> Why?
> It's generally 99% negative and fear based.
> Not to mention, most of the news has very
> little impact on your daily life, unless you
> choose to engage and consume it, which
> doesn't feel good at all.
> Why invite it in to begin with?
> This is not the "Outer Limits." You are in
> complete control of your television set.
> With that said, I am a major fan of reading
> and consuming positive and inspirational
> books, news, press and headlines. For me
> this is an inspiring process that helps foster
> creativity and success.
> This morning I read a batch of the latest
> testimonials and case studies from my Miracles
> Coaching students. Wow - talk about a jolt of
> inspirational adrenaline. My coaching students
> are taking the expression "Dare Something Worthy"
> to new heights.
> One particular case study really caught
> my eye, as it seemed to truly embody
> taking immediate action on an inspired idea.
> Inspired largely by my book "The Attractor
> Factor", one of my miracles coaching students
> developed a "positive news" website.
> Yep. This site has nothing but positive news
> relating to business, politics, health, science,
> entertainment and more. You can see it here --
> http://www.positivenewz.com
> Now that's a news site worth visiting.

They have an old saying in newspapers that "if it bleeds it leads". I take to mean that violence, conflict and fear tend to make it to the front page or leading stories. This is even more true of TV, which is a more emotional medium.

I do like some radio shows such as This American Life which goes into non=leading stories.

Perhaps if you contact the website with you idea for actionable news they would be interested.

If you don't already read it you might check out Yes magazine http://www.yesmagazine.org/

"Concerned with building a more just, sustainable, and compassionate future with articles about economic alternatives and peace options."

I also watch spiritual cinema circle DVDs as a way to find uplifting movies and documentaries. http://www.spiritualcinemacircle.com/

Does any one have any other positive magazines, website or shows they can recommend?