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Consciousness and Cash Flow 10/5/11- Wed Gathering in Rockville

Consciousness and Cash Flow
Joel Hamaker

Attend this presentation and discover ways to clear your subconscious blocks to about money limitations, use your conscious mind to understand and manage financial resources successfully, and access more abilities of your superconscious mind.


The presentation goes way beyond affirmations and positive thinking.  Some of the things you will learn:
*Discover your unconscious attitudes towards money and greater wealth.

*Use more conscious mind strategies to manage money better,

*How to tap your superconscious mind capabilities to attract opportunities much easier and create a more abundant mindset.     It is your 'birthright'.
You will leave with a number of tools, processes, handouts, and resources to help you begin living a more comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.  Bring a note pad if you wish.
Presented by Joel Hamaker, PhD, is a psychologist and teacher of consciousness matters.  He "walks his talk" in financial matters.301-814-9470; JoelSpeaks2u@gmail com


Your Limitless Potential 8/24/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Gathering we learn how to reach our limitless potential in the now with Matthew Horne.


His book “All We Have is NOW,” is a guide to embracing your power to create your life, your way, NOW! The premise is there are no perfect moments in life except the one’s which we create. Matthew’s belief is that every human being is a creator at their core, and life simply will not do things for you that you’ve been empowered to create for yourself. After reading Matthew C. Horne’s, “All We have is NOW,” the double dutch approach to life will be negated by the reality that we have the power to live our dreams, desires and inner-pictures of destiny, NOW!

"All We Have Is NOW...is a powerful guide which inspires us to rise to the occasion of being the great, creative and unstoppable beings that we were originally designed to be...offering valuable insights on how to leverage and build on the most precious moment set before us...NOW!" - Les Brown


Matthew C. Horne, success genius, motivational speaker and
author, presents speeches filled with inspiration, hope and
direction for everyone in attendance. His presentations radiate
positive energy, inspiration, passion, and great audience

His thought provoking and insightful speeches introduce
people to facets of themselves they never knew existed.

He is all about introducing you to your limitless possibilities
and enabling you to live your best life possible through
connecting with your dreams.


Matthew C. Horne, motivational speaker and author, is the president of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. He is an international authority on Maximizing Human Potential. Matthew is the author of “The Universe Is Inviting You In,” and the newly released book “All We Have Is NOW,” which are both publicly endorsed by legendary motivational speaker Les Brown.


Growing up, Matthew’s ultimate vision for his life was to play basketball in the NBA. He positioned himself to live this reality through obtaining a full-athletic scholarship to play Division I basketball in college. Much to his surprise destiny revealed his true calling during his collegiate years, as he discovered a passion for motivational speaking. Matthew was told by his professors he would never make it as an English major, and to the astonishment of everyone he not only obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, but was offered his first book contract before he graduated in his last semester of college.


Matthew’s message is one of creating your own reality according your vivid destiny pictures. Matthew empowers audiences live their unique truth, independent of the opinions of others. Matthew’s message is quickly spanning the globe through his books, audios and motivational speeches. He is the co-host of the television show “How To Survive In A Bad Economy.” He has also been featured on the legendary radio station WOL with his weekly minute motivational segments. Matthew is also a regular contributor the internet’s leading motivational ezine: Let’s Talk Motivation Matthew will bring any event to life! Matthew is available for speeches, radio and television interviews, and book signings. All who encounter Matthew C. Horne will leave with a heightened awareness of their limitless possibilities, and be positioned to live their Best Life Possible.


You can reach Mathew at 240-605-1106, matt (at) matthewchorne (dot) com or http://www.matthewchorne.com/

Awareness and the Power of Receiving

Hmm how have I self-sabotaged myself in the past, let me count the ways. :-) From procrastinating over work tasks, to not looking after my health, to mis-communicating in relationships I have done it many ways. I had done a lot of work on becoming more self-aware and so this week's Sandbox on Awareness Process with Gene Freeheart is good. I have taken many workshops with Gene over the years plus went to his Sunday evening events and my experience is that he is great at creating safe spaces for deep sharing and is very kind and gentle in his approach.

I am back in Bolivia today and I noticed that my flight and immigration was much easier this time - so I think I must have had some self-sabotage running last time to make it a struggle! This time I bought a regular economy ticket on kayak.com and I checked the dates on the ticket. then two weeks ago I was checking how many bags I could take and La Paz is restricted to 2 bags due to the attitude for economy tickets... which was a problem because I have a lot of books and clothes! Then on the flight to London I was walking through first class and noticing the people. In the past I had a lot of judgments about people in first class - wasting money, who do they think they are etc. This time I noticed they are just people who happen to be sitting in different area and I felt love towards them. Oh, so what, you say? Well when I looked at my La Paz ticket more closely I discovered that I had been given a first class ticket by mistake!! My reaction was to accept what the universe had given me (I had to do a bit of releasing on that concept first however!). And then I enjoyed traveling in style and comfort plus the use of the lounge at Miami where I had a 5 hour layover. :-)

I have been reading a book "The Power of Receiving" by Amanda Owen, which talks about allowing things into your life when offered and I guess this plane trip was my exam from the universe on this topic! So here is my invitation to you - notice how you are when people offer you complements or other gifts. Can you receive with grace or do you push it away? After all it is impossible for someone to give without someone else receiving so we need both to occur so be can all flow in a space of love and generosity...

Vastu for Health, Wealth and Relationships 6/8/11 - Wed Gathering in Rockville

This Wednesday Sandbox gathering we learn about Vastu, the Indian form of Feng Shui, the art of placement, with Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi. How can you change your luck and business good fortune by changing your home? What can you do to improve your relationship? And how can home arrangement affect your health for good or bad? Learn about Vastu and discover how you can affect your life with simple rearrangements of your home and it's energy.

Dr. Dwivedi will provide in-depth information about Vastu and practical suggestions on how one can benefit from placing certain objects in the right direction for peace and happiness. Vastu is a supporting science for Holistic Healing. You can increase the curing capacity of healings/medicines many times and turn them for instant action by following Vastu principles. Thus its hidden usefulness must come in light for the betterment of human health.


What is Vastu?

Vastu let you  benefit from the spiritual experience of Vedic sages over the years and live a life of comfort and peace. Apart from several Asian countries like China, Thailand and Singapore, etc., the principles of ‘Vastu’ are being practised in various other developed western countries as well. Vastu Shastra is not merely a baseless myth but it is a scientific axiom which strikes a maximum equilibrium among the 'five elements' and shows the way to keep them, as far as possible in balance. It is based on the gravitational force, magnetic force, air & water streams, electric currents effect of environment, effect of solar rays, significance of directions, etc.

Our wise sages laid down the principles of Vedas millenniums ago. One part of the 'Atharwa-Ved', dealing with architecture, was the first treatise on Vastu-Shashtra. Certain basic principles have been derived from the 'Rig-Ved' also. According to the Indian Philosophy, every particle is a part of the Universe, and therefore, is affected by unseen universal forces. In Vedic epics, construction of ones own house was supposed to be a religious act. ‘Yagya’ and the rituals were conducted in the course of construction to bring about good luck and success. Construction of one’s own house is fullfilment of four 'Purusharthas'.

There are also a lot of similarities between Vastu and its Chinese counterpart Feng Shui in that they recognize the existence of positive and negative forces (Yin and Yang) except for the fact that the latter attaches too much importance to gadgets, like fish tanks, flutes, mirrors and lanterns. This is one reason why Fend Shui is gaining rapid popularity in India.

Construction of a building was regarded as a disturbance to the Natural environment. Vastu Shashtra shows us the way to strike uniformity with nature. It is this uniformity on the basis of which we are able to obtain the practical energy of Universal forces and lead a life of peace and concentration, which brings about prosperity and success. Our existence comprises of the five elements. It is evident that our body is also based on the five elements. The significant aim of Vastu-Shashtra is to establish a positive balance between the nature and our body & mind by construction of a building. Modern Medical Scientists undoubtedly agree that by keeping one’s head towards south, his/her blood pressure remains normal and he/she gets sound sleep. This is the principle of Vastu-Shashtra. The magnetic currents of the earth move towards the North Pole and if the head is towards North Pole, the magnetic circuit will not be completed and will cause repulsion. As a result, concentration will not be possible. Around the body of every living human being there is a natural AURA, which is known as ‘Bio-Electro-Magnetic Field’. We should make it more effective and powerful.

Dr. Manjul Kant Dwivedi is a world-renowned Spiritual Vastuguru, Tarot Card Reader and Meditation Guru. He also uses Mudra Yoga and Healing through Mantras. He is available for private consultations by contacting Dr. Manoj Dharwadkar at             301-528-5986       till June 14th.  More info at http://www.vastushastri.org

Dr Manjul Kant Dwivedi is the founding president of International Society for Spiritual Sciences and is also a well recognized Vastushastri of Uttar Pradesh. Basically he is spiritual "Vastu Specialist" who visualises and feels the power of different Gods in every atom of land and construction. Dr. Dwivedi's specialty is that he has developed a synthesis of Vastu and Feng-Shui. He firmly believes that in India, all Feng-Shui principles cannot be fully applied though at times several remedial measures of Feng-Shui are definitely capable of doing miracles.

Dr. Dwivedi was born in a Brahmin family in the district of Hardoi, which falls under the ancient and holy area of 'Namisharnya' where eighty eight thousand sages did penance for a long time. After his birth, Dr. Dwivedi did not open his eyes for five days. Due to his sharp mind and remarkable personality, this child excelled in school and always acquired top position in his class. At the age of thirteen, he started writing poetry and prose. His work was published and he established himself as a writer. He also won various state and national level awards in creative photography and his photographs were published in established newspapers and magazines of the country.

He has been awarded scores of titles in dozens of international conferences. He was accorded Ph.D. from Colombo, Srilanka on the subject "Good Health from Vastu Shastra". He has been nominated President/Chairman of several Astrological and spiritual organizations of North India and believes in the reflection of echoes of the doctrine of Ved - "All be happy, all be disease free".

Dr. Dwivedi propagates the system of meditation for the removal of defects in Vastu. In this, he primarily creates a flow of super pure pranic energy in an individual, so that the individual becomes capable of creating positive vibrations in his house by this pranic energy. This makes the negative energy escape to some extent. Foreign experts have found his system of meditation very effective and with the regular practice, they convey their message of fruitful results. Dr. Dwivedi is often invited by foreign citizens and NRIs for consulting the "Vastu defects" of constructed home, industries etc. and the mapping of under construction building.

Dr. Dwivedi is the only specialist in North India, who uses cosmic energy while advising Vastu and judges the efficacy of his advice with scientific equipments. Further, he also uses Lecher Antenna and various scientific instruments (which measures the flow of electro-magnetic energy) to measure energy. It is a scientific instrument that measures the flow of energy in men or animals and gives suggestions to make it (flow of energy) more effective. One can easily measure the same by its scale. Not only this, it measures the flow of electro-magnetic current of the land and building as well as indicates the pathogenic emission present there. This instrument, invented by the German medical scientist, Emest Lecher also indicates the geo-magnetic currents as well as the ill effects beneath the surface of Earth. At the same time it gives directions to safeguard from those ill effects. Dr. Dwivedi says, "Although I give top priority to the voice of my soul in taking decisions, yet these scientific instruments do help in arriving at reasonable conclusions".

He never boasts of being a learned person and presents himself as a student in this field. According to him the whole universe is a playground of Energy. If we are able to conceive the flow of this energy, there will be no problems left.

How to change stuck patterns in your life

I have heard this story several times - it is a good reminder of how when we are inside a pattern or habit it can be hard to change even when we want to.And I really love the advice at the end of Carol's article below to stop talking (complaining) about my patterns, interupt my thinking (Pivoting in Abraham-Hick terminology) and love and forgive myself for starting to repeat the pattern again!

PS If you haven't read or listened to Carol's book Remmbering Wholeness I recommend it!


I love this! I published it in my first book, “The Path to Wholeness” in 1993.  It still has meaning today.

“Five Short Chapters on Change”

Chapter 1.
I walk down a street and there’s a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall in. It takes forever to get out. It’s not my fault.

Chapter 2.
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It still takes a long time to get out. It’s not my fault.

Chapter 3.
I walk down the same street. I fall in the hole again. It’s becoming a habit. It is my fault. I get out immediately.

Chapter 4.
I walk down the same street and see the deep hole in the sidewalk. I walk around it.

Chapter 5.
I walk down a different street.

-Portia Nelson

What do you keep recreating in your life?  Right now you can walk down a new street.  This is the year for a lot of new streets.

If you want to learn more on this dynamic of how we keep ourselves stuck experiencing the same things over and over, watch the movie “Ground Hog Day.”

Ask yourself, how many days to I keep living the same issue over and over?

  • First, stop talking about it.
  • Second, choose a new thought every time it comes into your mind.
  • Third, own it and in that moment say, “I love myself and I forgive myself, I am on a new street!”

It is the year of endings and new beginnings and it is easier to let go and change than ever before.

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

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Crowdsourcing math research

Crowdsourcing has been used to write encyclopedias (Wikipedia), rate movie you might like (Netflix), review books (Amazon). Now it has been sucessfully used for math research! The meta-brain of a crowd can be more than the sum of the individuals.


crowd sourcingInstead of one mathematician working for weeks to create a perfect larger result in this co-creation model multiple people add and improve small idea until the problem is solved. It remindes me of the manufacturing process improvement of Kaizen - continuous small improvements over time are better than major overhauls.


It also shares responsiblity for improvement in the whole crowd and makes transparent the creation process, messy as it may be, which may spark new ideas in others problem solving projects.


It seems to me that this kind of co-creation is more rooted in love and abundance than the ivory tower publish or perish model which is often based around fear and scarity. Having fun and being playful are other important aspects of co-creation. I would suggest that looking at the principles used in Improv would be helpful to improve the process


The text belo is from Wikipedia:

Polymath Project

In a 2009 post on his blog, Gowers asked the provocative question "is massively collaborative mathematics possible?"[5]. This post led to his creation of the Polymath Project, using the comment functionality of his blog to produce mathematics collaboratively.[6]

The initial proposed problem for this project, now called Polymath1 by the Polymath community, was to find a new combinatorial proof to the density version of the Hales–Jewett theorem. As the project took form, two main threads of discourse emerged. The first thread, which was carried out in the comments of Gowers's blog, would continue with the original goal of finding a combinatorial proof. The second thread, which was carried out in the comments of Terry Tao's blog, focused on calculating bounds on density Hales-Jewett numbers and Moser numbers for low dimensions.

After 7 weeks, Gowers announced on his blog that the problem was "probably solved",[7] though work would continue on both Gowers's thread and Tao's thread well into May 2009, some three months after the initial announcement. In total over 40 people contributed to the Polymath1 project. Both threads of the Polymath1 project have been successful, producing at least two new papers to be published under the pseudonym D.H.J Polymath[8][9][10].

The success of the Polymath1 project has spawned additional Polymath projects. To date there are 5 official Polymath Projects, and 2 Mini-Polymath Projects. More information on the Polymath1 project can be found on the project wiki. Jason Dyer's A gentle introduction to the Polymath project provides a good explanation of the work of the project for a non-mathematical audience.


Tricki.org is a Wikipedia-style project collecting methods of mathematical problem solving conceived in 2008 and launched by Gowers, Olof Sisask and Alex Frolkin in March 2009.[11] Terence Tao and Ben Green are among those to have contributed articles.[12]

Love yourself first

Love yourself first is the key to good realtionships. This is a great article that explains this and the law of Attraction for realtionships by my friend Dianne, who is also a gifted astrologer. As Jesus and other masters have said "Love  your neighbor like yourself" - this includes loving yourself as much as yu love others! (It doesn't say love yourself less than others). Happy relating




The Way to Healthly Relationships


Perhaps nothing brings more people to their knees (or to an astrologer) than the trials and tribulations of relating to others - especially family, work, neighbor and intimate relationships. I was my number one challenge for years - and it remains of utmost importance to me - to have loving, supportive relationships.


Along the way, I have discovered a powerful key to finding and maintaining healthy relationships. In fact it is one of the keys we will be covering in my "7 Keys to Consciously Thriving in Changing Times" teleseminar and workshop.


The way to healthy relationships is through cultivating a loving, supportive relationship with yourself first.


It may sound counter-intuitive, but let me explain why this is true. You are the perceiver and interpreter of all the experiences of your life. Therefore, whatever happens externally, you are the one who gives it all the meaning it holds. When someone doesn't call when you expected or at all, you decide whether that was because they don't care about you any more, were absent-minded, too busy, or whatever.


If you are the one who decides what has meaning in any relationship, it stands to reason you are more likely to encounter (read "interpret") positive relationships when you are feeling good about yourself.


When you feel worthy and valued in yourself, you not only experience (read "interpret") more positive interactions, but you are also more likely to express more love and support to others. You will find those who are attracted to you are naturally more loving and supportive of you just as you are, with all of your strengths and weaknesses.


Those who don't appreciate you just fall by the wayside as you will seek out the company of those who do. If you feel good about yourself, why would you settle for the company of anyone who was less than a loving, supportive influence?


You can hold a loving and kind attitude for everyone, yet choose not to endure the company of anyone who disrespects, takes advantage of or minimizes who you are. We are meant to live, love and be happy without becoming anyone's "punching bag" - literally or figuratively.


So, what does it mean to be loving and supportive of yourself? You can start by catching that critical voice, which is actually abusive self-talk, and talk back to it. Say the kinds of encouraging, supportive words to yourself that you would say to your best friend. Acknowledge when you have done something well or been kind to another. And even if you think you have fallen short, simply encourage yourself to do better next time and let go of the guilt.


Next, listen for what your emotions are telling you. What brings you joy? What do you dislike? Move away from distressing emotional situations as if pushing away from a hot stove. Make time to do the things you enjoy as you open up to the wonders of the world around you.


You will begin to notice that as you start treating yourself with the same loving support that  you would give to your best friend, you are paving the way to healthier relationships with others.


As always, your feedback is welcome. 
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Eating diet and money diet with consciousness

Had an insight this morning - comparing eating diet to a money diet:
both involve bring consciousness to the activity -choosing what I eat or what I spend money on (or what I focus my energy for income on)

  • noticing what I am doing - tracking eating or spending or income
  •  being self-compassionate - no blame,shame or guilty over any "slip ups" - forgive myself and correct course in the present
  • grateful/bless my food, my bills, my clients
  • exercise to releasing toxins from my body, old money beliefs from my mind-body
  • interrupt emotional eating/ emotional spending - eg using EFT when I feel an urge coming on

(I am abundant in the food/health areas of my life and can transfer these skills to money and other areas)

I think the same pattern interrupt approaches can apply to negativity thinking habits, friends, relationships, sex and other areas of my life where habits can take over.

Check out Jiucy Tour videos from Liluo Mace

If you haven't heard of Lilou Mace's Juicy Living tour it is a lot of interesting interviews with healers and new age visionaries free on her website. And check the tour schedule - maybe she is coming to your town this year!
PS Lilou has created some interesting books and sites for job changing and manifesting too

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VISION: To “inspire, motivate and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams” and to “help spread joy, freedom and personal awakening”

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Shopping for more useful beliefs

What we belief and think affects how we feel which affects how we act which affects our reality directly. Also what we believe filters what we see and hear which also changes our version of reality. Finally what we believe and emote affects what the universe brings to us. So it is pretty important if you want a happier life to pick useful beliefs. Beliefs that may be ahead of the curve of your current perception of reality. This is what successful visionaries and leaders do all the time. Perhaps it is time to be a leader of your own life?

EFT master Carol Tuttle has some good suggestions on better beliefs to buy into in this times of change ...




Have you bought into the collective belief that you can barely survive and are just getting by.

The world offers us one reality to believe in. Within that reality we have the agency and right to choose to go along with it or create our own reality.

The world currently believes that “times are hard,” “times are scary,” “terrorists could attack at any moment,” “the economy is bad,” etc., etc., etc.

Even though the world reality is choosing this, you can choose an alternative reality.

We are only bound by belief.

Another powerful tool is Carol’s CD, “Affirmations to Change Your Life Now.” A audio seminar on CD is available at http://caroltuttle.com/storecd_dvd.asp

If you are ready to start thriving in today’s world, read and reread Carol’s best-selling book: Remembering Wholeness:

A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.


Choose the following beliefs to create a reality to help you thrive:

Times are good for me and my family.

I am prepared and I choose to live in the moment and focus on how safe my immediate world is.

I am grateful to know that God is watching over me and the entire world to assist us in choosing a peaceful solution to our differences.

I am grateful that my business is flourishing and I have more than enough money for my needs.

The greatest power you have to change the world’s reality is to change yours. Stay free of condemning or judging the collective belief.

Choose to bless it and allow it. If you condemn it or judge it, you create a stronger force of opposition and polarity that makes that reality more powerful. It just is.

God Bless You,

Carol Tuttle


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